Sunday, December 3, 2006

Banker 28 - Roulette system

The house advantages is 2.70%. To arrive at this figure, you divide 1 by the (Total Number = 36 plus a single zero) = 1/37 and you will get 2.70%.

If you bet on 9 numbers, your chance is 9/36 and you only have 1/4 chance to win.

If you use Banker 28 systems, you cover 28 numbers, you are the banker now, not the player anymore. You increase your possibility to win to 75%. If you win 3 spins consecutively, you must leave the table and go to the new table to bet again.

If you happen to lose one spins, you lose only 28 chips, you need only 4 spins to recover it back.

So how do you bet on the 28 numbers?

It's very simple. If the current spin is 26, you need to cover 14 numbers from the left and 14 numbers from the right, and that will make up a total of 28 numbers. This system is amazingly simple and very effective.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

19 Hole Roulette System

If you look at Roulette wheel, it look likes a wheel of a vehicle. When you travel again and again, you can discover the alignment may be out, the tyre may be wear out unevenly as a result the stearing may swing more to the left or right.

The wheel becomes unbalanced as the tyre wear out which may cause the ball to either avoid certain number or find itself sliding more easily into certain numbered pockets.

Chinese called this system 19 holes, first of all you choose 19 numbers as you like, record down on the paper from 1 to 19. After every spin, you delete the one from the top and add the new no at the bottom of your list, so you always cover 19 numbers at all time.

If you fully understand the game and works out a plan of betting and playing, goes to the table with a winning attitude, you will end up a winner at Roulette.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Making Money in Casino - Roulette System

Roulette was invented in France. European roulette is played in French terms, as in the American roulette wheel has a single and a double zero, whereas the French wheel, used in European game, has a single zero.

When you go into the casino, you can see a lot of Roulette table, many people sitting around it, casino provide pens and scoresheets for them to record down all the wheel's results. But most of the people do not know what are the reasons for keeping scores.

The reasons are very simple. The patterns may reveal themselves because of several factors.

  1. The Croupier - The way the croupier handles the ball and wheel may by habit, release the ball from the same spot on the wheel each time and the ball may find itself in the same quadrant of the wheel again and again.
  2. The wheel itself may not be perfectly engineered or balanced and may be slightly off center, so that the ball will head for a particular area of the wheel more often than not. This may cause the ball to either avoid certain numbers or find itself sliding more easily to certain numbered pockets
  3. Obstacle - a hair or even dust may cause the ball to stop at the pocket and unable to go past the obstacle when the ball is weak.

If you understand the purpose of recording, you can work out a pre-arranged betting method and start to make money from the table.

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