Sunday, December 3, 2006

Banker 28 - Roulette system

The house advantages is 2.70%. To arrive at this figure, you divide 1 by the (Total Number = 36 plus a single zero) = 1/37 and you will get 2.70%.

If you bet on 9 numbers, your chance is 9/36 and you only have 1/4 chance to win.

If you use Banker 28 systems, you cover 28 numbers, you are the banker now, not the player anymore. You increase your possibility to win to 75%. If you win 3 spins consecutively, you must leave the table and go to the new table to bet again.

If you happen to lose one spins, you lose only 28 chips, you need only 4 spins to recover it back.

So how do you bet on the 28 numbers?

It's very simple. If the current spin is 26, you need to cover 14 numbers from the left and 14 numbers from the right, and that will make up a total of 28 numbers. This system is amazingly simple and very effective.



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